The Church

Have you ever been to a place that feels like a home away from home? The Church International Pub (also called the Church) is one of those places. No matter who you are and where you are from, you are welcome at this Pub.

The Church doesn't take itself too seriously. Music, fun and community are the most important things at this place. Especially the weekly program has a lot to offer:

Tuesdays: A pub quiz with live music 
Wednesdays: Karaoke night
Thursdays: Comedy night
Fridays: An open mic night 
Saturdays: Live music and many more creative events.
And if that's not enough entertainment there is also a pool table and table football for guests to enjoy.

Most of the interior is self-build from old material and the decoration ranges from elaborate and fun ceiling paintings to stained "church windows" to "the confessional" where naughties can confess their sins.
In the "moving gallery " new artists get the chance to hang their artwork for the public to enjoy and hopefully buy.

Most importantly, the Church community aka. Church congregation is a friendly bunch of people from different walks of life, young, old and everything inbetween. You will always find someone to talk to and the friendly bar tenders of the Church will serve you anything from good old fashioned beer and wine to cocktails to toasted cheese sandwiches made with love.
The owner, Gary Scott (also known as father Gary) is the heart and soul of the Church. An internationally known musician with decades of stage experience himself, Gary now supports young artists in Vienna and built a lively pub music scene from the ground up.

The Church is the place to be if you are looking for a great time, music and community. Come and find out for yourself. Amen!