Information for attendees

What's a pubquiz?

More and more people enjoy spending time with friends while competing against like-minded teams. We deliver entertaining evenings that offer fun facts and oddities to share. Our quiz evenings are not merely question and answer games. They're an experience!

You can find a list of all pubs that are currently using our services under the link in our menu item "Pub Quiz". But you can get your own impression by visiting one of our quiz evenings with some friends.

What you should know beforehand:

- Pub Quizzes are a team sport. That means you should take at least one other person with you. The maximum team size can vary, depending on the pub.

- The teams play for a jackpot. This is increased each week until a team manages to answer all questions correctly. Also the teams with the highest scores can win drink vouchers or rounds of beer/schnapps.

- The use of cell phones or other tools is not permitted. If a participant is caught cheating, the Quizmaster reserves the right to disqualify the respective team.

- Participating in a pub quiz is free. Nevertheless, most of our Quizmasters are poor students and would be happy to get some tips. Of course only if you were satisfied with the Quizmaster's service!